Happy feet

I joined a small Mom's group through my church this fall. I say it's small now, but with 5 out of 7 women with child, we are scheduled to grow. These delightful ladies have suggested I could join them in the procreative fun--they don't want me to feel left out come spring--so I reassured them that I would be just fine. No really. Me and my mister are done with making babies. I'll just admire theirs.

As we settled down for our bible study, I thought the room seemed cold . Then I felt a slight breeze coming through the window, because IT WAS OPEN. It occurred to me that I was surrounded by prego mamas, warmed by an increased blood flow and girly hormones. I have Raynaud's, like my Mom before me. My circulation doesn't work correctly, so when I get cold or chilled, the blood essentially stops flowing to my feet and hands. (It is a painful spasm that slows the blood flow.) When I first saw the rheumatologist, Dr. Bong (his real name), applied mineral oil to my cuticles and examined the blood vessels in my fingers. (And here I thought I was going to get a manicure.) I guess I am in the beginning stages, where the capillaries start to turn away from the tips of my fingers. Though rare, the lack of blood flow can cause gangrene, so it is important to keep warm.

Last winter, my Mom and Dad gave me a wonderful electric throw. I used it nearly every day for 6 months. My kids love to snuggle in my 'magic' blanket. It's a great investment. I am searching for better socks (I usually wear several pairs with slippers in the house). I am considering getting a pair of "Warm Me Ups", although it will be tough to do anything with them on. I am a big fan of thermal underwear, the new sleeker kind. I will start taking Verapamil soon, which is also helpful in the prevention of cluster headaches. (If some cheesy marketing company were to produce a commercial for this drug, it would warn you that it can cause constipation and light-headedness. I've found this to be true, but sometimes a necessary evil.)

So, I guess I will be an oddball when I bring mittens and a woobie next week. Well, for a little while anyway. I'll soon fit right in with the babies.


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