Now it's time for Neti

It's the fifth day of my cold and I am feeling pretty good. I am particularly glad I am on my feet today as I am chaperoning for my son's kindergarten class trip to a pumpkin patch. I love pumpkin patches and will find anyway to purvey my favorite gourd, even if it means riding a bus with 5 year olds.

I thought I would pass on one of my strategies for avoiding sinus infections. It's a little gross, but effective. Well, at least it works for me sometimes.

I use a neti pot. It's this little teapot looking thing. I place warm, pure saline water into my neti and flush out my nose. Here's the part that scared me at first--I pour water into one nostril and it exits out of its twin. I was certain this would cause me to drown, but if I breathe through my mouth, I am fine. Neti pots provide much needed moisture to the nasal passages and clean goop out. And if you do get a sinus infection, it actually feels good.

I watched an episode of The Office recently, the Christmas party one where Dwight gets the teapot intended for Pam and sees its neti-potential. Now when I neti, I can't help thinking 'I am Dwight'.


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