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Lex and Zack
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This week has been full of ups and downs. Wednesday my neuropathy flared; my hands and feet burned and tingled. I cancelled my plans to attend a First Aid class with Lexi's Girl Scout leader. I was miserable. By the next day, I felt much better and roughhoused with Zack and my 3 1/2 year old nephew, Austin during my sister's birthday party. Such has been my experience with Sjogrens--I can't predict my symptoms or their severity on any given day.

Today the pain and stiffness came back. My joint filled with gum, I made my way home from church and plopped down into my big, cozy chair. I cried, although I am not sure why exactly. I have been in more pain and certainly weaker. Maybe this is an emotional component. I am not sure. I took a short nap and decided to proceed with my plans to take the kids on a short hike around Lacamas Lake. The sunny days are limited; I will have small children for only a short while. I get the impression the pain will be there for me another day.


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