They say it's common

I have a cold. A plain, boring cold. I used to pop OTC cold meds to get through the day, like everybody else. But since the root of Sjogren's syndrome and its unpleasantries, is dryness, I am avoiding taking something that will further dry me out. I tried taking dayquil for the first few days of my last cold, and I ended up with more nerve pain and it took my eyes days to recover.

I am trying something new this time--I am taking nothing for my cold and resting. I didn't have anything planned, besides writing, yesterday afternoon, so I took a big, slobber-on-the-pillow nap. Like a baby. With a snotty nose.

I am hoping that giving up some primetime will afford me a quicker recovery. The pattern has been: a cold, followed by a sinus infection and cycle of cluster headaches. Which fills me with dread. And if I do the math, by the time I recover, one of my kids is bound to have another cold.

So, I will wash my hands, drink my tea and dream of better days.


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