There always seems to be a back story. The reason I am hesitant to rush to the doc with another symptom, yet another complaint, is that I have complained about this before and still don't know what is wrong. When I was pregnant with Zack, my Midwife thought it was my gallbladder. But the ultrasound showed no gallstones, so I thought that was the end of that. I first went to Dr. Brown, my naturopath, for this pain, in the same 'gallbladder, liver' area, about three years ago. I tried castor oil packs and changed my diet--the pain seemed to go away. Only to return. Can the gallbladder become inflamed and then get better? Six months before I had an appendectomy, my Mom had taken me to the ER with stomach pain. Is this the harbinger, or do I just get belly, or rather, rib aches?


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