I don't feel grateful, just so you know. I feel bad saying that, but the house is quiet and between you and me, the day has been long. I can't point to any one thing and complain, but everything is exasperated when I am in pain. I finally mentioned I am having nerve problems to Zack's teacher, which I know should not be said in passing but how else do I explain that frankly I can't use a paper cutter today. My motor skills are funky. Even typing is wonky tonight.

So, enough whining. I have a doctor's appointment in the morning and here's hoping that there will be something Harry Potter magical in the medical cabinet, just waiting to make me feel better. I am banking on it.

A couple of things I am thankful for:

*Greg calling late tonight (he is out of town). He was rummy and tired and excited about his new position.
*Spunky kids
*New friends
*Old friends and brand spanking new babies
*My supportive family, always there


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