Two pills for me, please

Today is the first day of project ramping up - I doubled my Neurontin last night. I noticed I was a little groggy this morning, but I am perfectly fine blaming that on the time change over the weekend. I didn't make big plans for today (especially driving), just in case I was wiped out. So far, the initial drowsiness was more pronounced when I started the drug last week; I have grown a little accustom to feeling loopy I guess. (Much like when I went from one kid to two - I had already adapted my busy life to motherhood.)

I might be crazy (was there a warning for that?) but I swear that my mouth isn't dry anymore. I have been lucky to not suffer much in that department, but I can detect a difference. I hope this is some positive side effect. (Last winter I did get dry cracks on the side of my mouth. And nothing says sexy like oral sores.)

I see the rheumatologist in a week. I look forward to his take on this neuropathy that is still causing me a lot of pain, and well, making it rough for me to get around well. I'll keep you posted.


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