Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Moonface rising

Moonface happens

I read all about the side effects, signed the dotted line and started Prednisone a month ago. I have been careful with my diet, and sodium intake and drinking aqua until, well, something dramatic happens.

And then I take a peek at the picture we took this morning, and it is clear to me that Moonface has arrived. Is back fat far behind? Stupid steroids.

At least my beard is coming in nicely.

My sense of humor is little tattered tonight. I feel like playing the blame game.

Don't like the tone of your wife's voice tonight? Blame steroids. Is your husband's hearing failing? Blame steroids. Are you misunderstood? Not paid enough? Underappreciated? Sick of the war in Iraq? Oh yes, blame steroids.

Now you try. It's an all-play.

I know why I am swollen. I know it will pass. But today, I am not a fan.

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deborah said...

I love the title. Pred's side-effects definitely take the cake on sucking. I remember all too well. The bloating tummy, moon-face, acne. I'm so sorry. It gets better. someday.

Carol Ann Russell said...

That was such a hard time for me...I was 19...started on prednisone to "Save my life". I swear it nearly killed me, be strong. You'll prevail.

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