My secret boyfriend

Ok, I lied. It's not really a secret; Greg knows I have a thing for Dr. Gregory House. He is forced to watch/listen/hear me go on and on about my favorite TV doctor every week. And when they, the good people at Fox, take the show off for about three weeks at a time, the TV (and Greg, again) get an earful.

(Even Zack can identify him on the cover of a magazine.)

Fictional Dr. House is snarky, rude and impatient. He carries a cane and pops Vicodin to combat agonizing pain. What's not to love? He is raw and human and brilliant.

Plus, it is like playing 'name that tune', only with autoimmune diseases. (Every other episode 'autoimmune' comes up.) I imagine that is because he specializes in diagnostic medicine. And there is one thing you discover when you have a multitude of strange symptoms and no immediate explanation: you are bound for a battery of tests and a whole lot of guessing. It's a place I am familiar with.


deborah said…
that's too funny; mine is Antonio Banderas. Now if he would just drop that Melanie. mmmm, he so yummmmmmmy

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