My inner control freak is going crazy.

No sooner did I start Imuran and everywhere I turn, folks are getting sick - more specifically my girl is sick, coughing and sneezing, and she feels clingy. I don't know just how immunosuppressed I am these days; I mean do a few of the good guy fighters work, or are they all on a strike? How sick could I get?

Can I work with the 2s in the church nursery with my scary mask on? I could decorate it with the little baby Jesus stickers...

How about at school? Would Lexi claim me it I bling it up with some rhinestones?

(Think of the money I will save on lipstick.)

I am determined to make masks the new spring accessory. Just think SARS - it could be hot.


We came to some conclusions at last week's appointment: to continue with the Prednisone (hello carrot sticks) and to start Imuran. The hope is that it will suppress my immune system and the inflammation will decrease. The up side: less neuralgia, more function, less arthritis and muscle pain - even my eyes could feel better. The down side: nausea, fatigue and a propensity for catching crap.

We are hoping that the more aggressive treatment will halt the progression of the disease, the small-fiber neuropathy.

Sounds good to me.

Now, please cover your mouth when you cough before I go all Hughes on you.

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Stu said…
The mask is very sheik. All the cool kids will be wearing one in no time. You could go to Japan where masks are very common if you are sick (or are short on lipstick). We will still hang out with you.

The picture is great, very creative.

Lisa Milton said…
That's me, the crazy trend setter. I've seen people wearing masks before and rolled my eyes, like they were being way too dramatic.

Karma is painful. That's what I get for being snarky!


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