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I've been a bad, bad blogger. I've been neglecting this site with dedication.


I saw the doctor for my routine lady visit this week. It's funny how I feel like I see doctors all the blessed time, yet I was a YEAR late on this one. Looks like the chronic stuff just takes over and I forget to take care of myself in a reasonable manner.

I weighed in, and found I had lost almost 2 pounds since my visit with Dr. Rheumy in May. Which should have been great news. Ta da. But I was grumbly and sad because I have been so careful with my diet and I joined a gym a month ago. There has been sweating and lifting weights. Yoga. Lots of water.

The reward felt puny.

I know the steroids don't help in this arena. And I am absolutely sure that being overweight is not the worse thing in the world. (I had an after-school special eating disorder in high school. It was the 80s. Everyone was doing it. It didn't solve anything.) My world would not be brighter and better if the scale reflected a smaller number to me - I would just have more clothes to wear.

It's the effort that hurts. It's because I've been trying.

Oh well. It only proves that I am kicking Sjogren's butt with the meds now that I can whimper about weight gain. In March, being chubby was the least of my worries. I was consumed with pain management. I got what I wanted. I feel better.

So I will still keep working out; I will eat healthy foods. I need to.

And I will enjoy this sunny day, big butt or not.


dxunknown said…
OMG! I can't believe how similar our experiences have been. I'm still in the "struggling to get a diagnosis" phase, however. Having had two positive titers for SS-A, Sjogren's Syndrome is a real possibilty, but my doctors just don't know that much about it. SLE is also being considered, so it is a toss up at this point I think. Anyway, I love the way you tell your tale! Laughter is truly the best medicine and I've had quite a few chuckles reading your posts.
Lisa Milton said…
Thanks! You know, even my doctor retested me and talked about lupus recently.

I guess the treatment for the symptoms (nerve disease) is the same - the medical journey is CRAZY.

Hope you are feeling well today and enjoying the summer.
sassy said…
Hi Lisa and others who are affected by wonderful Sjogrens.
Every once in a while I do a search for hear what others have to say because I don't know anyone else who has this and you'd think I would get some peace from the Rheumatologists, but I don't! Urgh, that's the most frustrating thing about this entire thing for me anyway. If you don't mind me asking - how long have you had it?

I have had it for almost 2 years. I'm 35 and am grateful for hearing that you are the same age. I went to a support group recently and they said it was very rare to get it under the age of 50. Nontheless, I was the youngest person there.

I am sorry that the worry of Lupus has been put in your head. You know, last time I went to the Rheumatologist, I asked, if my Sjogren's will get worse. Every week something physically painful seems to occur... Where as before 2 years ago I dont remember ever having a problem. The doctor said most likely it would not get worse.
Now I truely believe it's a bunch of bull.

For the past year I have been having problems walking on my foot. It was diagnosed at plantar fasciatus. The rheumatologist said it definitely had nothing to do with the Auto Immune disease. The pain on the foot started moving around within the past few months as I have recently been put in a cast. (living/walking in new york city with a cast is no picnic) Now the orthapedic doc thinks the pain in my foot has something to do with Rheumatoid Arthritus. So I called the Rhematologist to tell him of the other doctor's findings and now he is saying it could be.
I just feel like the Rheumatologist doctors that I have seen (2 different ones) are ready to dismiss any abnormality as to have any relation to the Auto Immune disease. But after x-rays and MRI's - no doctor is really finding out where the pain is coming from and never had any injury there before.

I apologize for my frustration. I still feel pretty new to Sjogrens. After reading your blogs, I thought that you might be able to share with me any experiences or soothing advice that could help me accept what is going on with my body. I am so impressed that you do this with a husband and kids. I used to be extremely atheletic and head of a tennis team here in ny. Now I have trouble leaving my apartment to walk. I have tried getting a trainer to get my muscles working again but everytime I do a workout, I end up getting sick. These past 2 weeks it was a sinus infection. I have turned into a couch potatoe!
How do you handle all this and have a family to take care of?

Any stories you can share or relate to, would appease me im sure.

Thanks so much! and I pray that lupus is not at all in the picture!
it cant be, it just cant.

lindoreen said…
Hi there, glad to find you as I was recently diagnosed with sgn's. I am googling foot pain to see if it is a sign of it. I have had it for yeeeeaaarrs and always thought it was plantar's fasciitis, but now find it may be neuropathy? I'm on a steep learning curve right now!
Linda in Snohomish

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