Me and the razor

You can find me most mornings, slicing up little bits of Prednisone, slowing weaning myself off the juice. Sometimes I do a fabulous job, cutting it up into fourths. Other times I look like an extra in the latest coke film, making lines.

[Can we get Johnny Depp?]

Looks like I am in the market for a pill-cutter.

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deborah said…
and the song of the day is......"I'm Being Followed by a Moon Shadow. Moon Shadow. Moon Shadow."

by the way, I'm actually off to the infusion center for my own dose of the good stuff. ta da
Connie said…
Just found your blog and love your sense of humor over RL. I have Sjogren's and 4 other autoimmune diseases. Well they don't have me! Hope you'll visit my blog.

Keep on smiling!

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