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Over the weekend, my right side went numb. Just for a day. I had to drag my foot along, and my knee acted wonky and wiggly - I had a nice limp started.

There has been a whisper of nerve pain in my right eye - often the precursor to a cluster cycle.

I am more than willing to abide by conventional medical advice, and I take my meds like a good girl. But folks, there is no cure for sjogren's or other autoimmune disease. I have bad days.

I don't believe this is reason to give up or buy into crazy snake oil promises of cures. I just have to believe that lifestyle makes a difference, and I will take help wherever I can

Here's an article I found on Dr. Weil's site today. It's not super specific, but it also has some pointers worth trying when other methods fail. (I see skipping dairy made the list. I knew I was on to something.)


deborah said…
It's funny; my right side goes mumb and stupid from hemiplegic migraines, well, not funny as in the ha-ha kind. I know when they're coming from the aura and the missing brain feeling I get and vision-loss I've been getting; followed by the right-sided numbing and limpness then losing the ability to fell and use it. Within minutes the migraine comes on very strong and intense.
Tammy said…
Now see... some of the suggestions in that article I can actually agree with! Especially on the proteins, dairy products, and fat. I'm still on the fence about eating a lot of fruits, though. It seems to me that anything that can blister a baby's butt after consumption may not be as well tolerated as we like to think. Still, I'm glad to see "healthy" advice that doesn't tell me to just eat supplements!
Tammy said…
You've been tagged!

Read about it here:
sassy said…
Has anyone tried the ginger supplement? How does that help?

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