Needless worry

Tuesday morning I came home from dropping the kids off at VBS to a message from my rheumy's office. Some routine blood work the week before had come back abnormal so I needed to head to the lab for a repeat liver workup.

This seriously brought me right on down from the lofty corner of the clouds I was living on that morning.

So, I made my way over to the pharmacy and the lab and got everything done before I headed to my Dad's birthday party. I even held up during the heatwave. But this test got under my skin.

I worried about liver damage from Imuran, that I would have to give up the wonder drug. I worried about the stuff I read about Primary Biliary Cirrhosis . (Sometimes knowledge is a dangerous thing.) I worried. I worried alone; my hubby's away on another business trip. I worried about the kids.

I finally decided yesterday to stop, because what will be, will be. The future is not mine to see, nor yours. I packed up the kids to visit a friend and her darling baby, Sage. I talked to my Mom and Greg. I got up this morning, took the kids to swimming lessons, then VBS and later, met up with some moms and our tribe of respective kids at an urban water park.

I've got me a lot of living to do.

I got a perfunctory letter in the mail this afternoon that simply stated that the repeated blood tests were normal. At first I was shocked - talk about fast turnaround. But then it sunk in and I was so thankful.

Like I said, there's a lot of living stretched out in front of me...


lapoflux said…
I am so glad your second results were okay, but what a scare. I admire how well you handle these things, and your kids, husband and family must be (and I am sure are!) very proud of you. You sound like a pretty cool chick ;-)
klbrowser said…
Glad your liver is ok. It's not commonly damaged by Sjogren's, but it's entirely possible, and of course most of the meds we take are processed by the liver. My dad wrecked his liver with excessive amounts of the very same diabetes med I take.

Sometimes it's hard to balance the need for taking our bodies seriously with worrying about them. It's good that you realize that worry to excess can be a demon of its own.

And thanks very much for the reply to my blog :0)
Life can be beautiful sometimes... congratulations that your tests came out ok.
I hope you are enjoying your day.
Catherine, the redhead

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