The (non) Dairy Queen kicks wheat to the curb

Warning: feel free to file this under 'I always knew that lady was a fruitloop'. Or something like that.

But then I will be forced to ask, 'Is that fruitloop dairy-free? How about wheat-free?'

I have eschewed wheat and dairy during seasons of my life, for various reasons. Because Marilu Henner told me to. (The dairy, anyway.) Because my breastfed son had 'digestive' issues from week one. Because my naturopath suggested it a couple of years ago.

It is pain to eat this way, especially because I have a bone fide egg allergy. I certainly don't expect other people to accomodate my plan. But my stomach always feels better when I'm off the 'stuff'.

It's a fact. A big pain in the butt fact.

And now that I have a belly full of pills, all with ulcer warnings on the bottle, I am taking care to protect my gut.

We'll see if it helps.


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