Yankee doodle doctor visit

I saw Dr. Rheumy today. As expected, we discussed the meds and came up with a plan for the rest of the summer. I will continue going up on the Imuran, and hopefully wean off off Prednisone this fall. Everything else is staying the same.

I could tell a big improvement in my legs - he ran the pinwheel up and down and I could both feel my leg and I didn't experience any pain. (I still don't have much sensation in my feet, but it has been that way for almost two years.)

I was pleased that I had lost weight; I was proud that I have resumed a workout schedule, joined a gym. He chided me to keep working on it. I ignored him (a little anyway) and just remembered that I am doing quite a bit. I'm still proud of myself. I am sweating and aching and doing what I can.

I am grateful that he listens, that he has taken my concerns seriously. Not every doctor does. I get tired with the kiddos during the summer, but I don't need a daily nap now. I have been more social again, spending time with friends. Hopefully this remission will last.


deborah said…
having a doc that actually listens - is more than anyone else can say or do for you, especially when you've been through the barrage of testing, that comes up empty. I know. You're right, that last line says it all. and it means so much when they listen. Hope you have an enjoyable sumer.
Irene said…
My sister and I are starting our weight loss trials up again. I can't even imagine having to deal with what you must with this disease AND still manage to take care of yourself. Going to the gym- what's that?! I get one headache a month and everyone knows in this house. I admire your strength and will keep you in my prayers.
G~ said…
hi. found you via mybloglog. ;)

i have typeI diabetes (since '75) and deal w/most of the "itis" family, migraines/clusters, peripheral neuropathy, and hypoglymia unawareness. *bleh*

thought i'd stop by and say hello.

that IS great about your doc appt. having a caring, listening doc is a very rare thing these days.

congrats & blessings!

sassy said…
Hi Lisa and all those who comment. I am just wondering if any of you have been tested or know anyone who has been tested at the Sjogren's clinic associated with Johns Hopkin's in Baltimore. I've decided after having difficulty walking for a year and not being able to get to the bottom of what is causing the problem/s... im going to make the trip down there to see if I can get some answers. Because I sure 'ain't' getting them here. Feel free to send any feedback if you know anything about that clinic there.
Thanks so much!

Linda in nyc
Lisa Milton said…
Hey Miss Sassy,

I don't have any experience with that clinic - so sorry I don't have any feedback.

I think it is well worth checking out. If Sjogren's is causing the gait problems, like it has in my case, at least you could start a treatment. I've seen an improvement, on an immunosuppressant, but of course, there's no cure. Some days are better than others.

I sure hope you find the answers you need. If I find out anything about that clinic, I will post about it. Take care.
Anna Marie said…
Hey Lisa!

I just came across your blog from googling "Eugene and Sjogren's."

No doctors came up as having a special interest in Sjogren's in Eugene, Oregon, but you did! I am only 100% sure this is what ails me, am new to the area, and wonder if you can point me in the direction of a good rheumy or two.

I'm an alternative care kind of gal, but realized that we were always fixing the results of an underlying problem instead of getting after my crazy immune system directly.

Any help you can provide would be most welcome. And I hope you are feeling much better, as these posts go back some in time.

And thanks for your blog!

Anna Marie said…
I can't tell if my email shows up through my really old blogger account, so it is aalkin07@gmail.com.

Any Eugene leads would be most welcome. Thanks!

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