Catching up

I caught up on my memes today over at Mama Milton.

I should have a new post tomorrow; stay tuned.


Tammy said…
I've come across a Sjogren's Syndrome Center affiliated with Penn State U and was wondering if you had heard anything about them. I've not met many doctors in my area so far who are willing to consider that Sjogren's might mean a little more than just dry eyes and mouth so I would like to have some options available if the new rheumatologist feels the same way.
Anonymous said…
I dont know about Penn. I just drove down yesterday to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. They have a special Rheumatologist clinic. But honestly, I didnt hear any different info than I have already heard. A lot of the doctors think the pain that i have is mechanical (from an early sports injury) or the pain is psychological. Although I have primary Sjogrens, they dont think any of the pain is related. I think there needs a to be a Rheumatologist out there that actually has one of these things to really understand. Anybody know of any?

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