I'm about to say a ridiculous thing (I warned you): if you have sjogren's syndrome, you got to drink a lot of water.

See? Common sense.

But a couple of weeks ago, I was exercising and running around with the kids and the next thing I know, I was dizzy - I thought I was going to faint. I double-checked my meds. It happened three times one week. I was looking at beads at the craft store and boom! I felt like I needed to sit down.

So, I started being a little more cautious. I cut back on the workouts or made sure I ate more beforehand. I started taking naps again. And I chugged water throughout the day. It seemed to do the trick.


G~ said…

it's good that you realized what you needed to do. i've had diabetes (& a buncha stuff to go with) for 32 years (i'm going to be 40 soon) and by this stage, i'm pretty worn out and have lost the ability to recognize when my blood sugar is dropping.

sometimes i'm ENTIRELY unable to recognize... which is NOT good!

when you deal w/something like this (both our kinda daily medical concerns) it gets old & ya just get TIRED of dealing. (at least *I* do!) and things kinda falter. imho, it's natural. ya just can't be that super-diligent 24/7/365/forever. urgh.

anyhow... i kinda know what you're talking about here. :)

blessings & peace as you deal w/your "stuff"--
deborah said…
here's hydrate for ya - ok maybe tmi; I'm on liquid diet for the weekend, which will, no doubt send me into major storm - going in for (colonoscopy) so I need the works as far as the fluid intake. So much for food. And it's 95 out there.

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