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After some phone wrangling, I have an appointment with Dr. Gastro - ah, my team grows. The receptionist was charming and kind (ew, you poor thing) but the earliest she could get me in is October 16th. Such is life with specialists.

With this 'moist' diet, one would think the weight would just be falling off. I thought it might be the silver lining. But alas, sucking down smoothies and puddings does not a smaller body make. Those calories just slide on down and leave me hungry.

I'm cutting coffee, alcohol and spicy, real food and all I get is bigger. I am waiting for my sense of humor to kick in. Right. About. Now.

So, I am scanning the globe, searching for lowfat, egg-free, not-too-spicy recipes that my family will like too. And when I am done, I will find a solution to the missing sock dilemma, plaguing families across the country.

I'm on a mission.

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Amanda said…
I promise not to whine about socks ever again if you could just get yourself cured.
klbrowser said…
Is tomato sauce too spicy? Because I was thinking spaghetti, which should go down ok if mixed well with sauce.

Your family might be too keen on these, but some lowfat moist sources of protein would be yogurt, cottage cheese, something with reduced fat cheese melted in it, or tofu added to soup. Not too exciting, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Should you get to where you can't eat solid food at all, try Boost nutritional meal replacement shakes. I drink at least one a day because of my gastroparesis.

Hope this isn't TMI, but if you end up doing a barium swallow, it will probably shut your digestive system down temporarily. You may need Maalox or something similar that night or the next day.

Glad you are going to be seeing a GI doc about the trouble swallowing. I nearly choked to death one night when a pill got stuck and I coughed it into the wrong pipe (thank God my husband saw it happen and did the Heimlich).

Are you on Evoxac or pilocarpine for dryness? I know it's primarily for dry mouth, but these meds have helped me somewhat with trouble swallowing too.

Hope this is something you can resolve fairly easily.
sognatrice said…
Thinking of you Lisa; I hope you're feeling better (and eating real food!) again soon :)

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