but I just bought food

I went grocery shopping yesterday for two ravenous hyenas, the Invisible Traveling Man and me - the woman who needs toddler foods. (I feel like a 1 year old. "Chew, chew, chew.") Well, I'm not about to start buying Gerber foods again so there has got to be a way for me get my veggies because let's face it: a grown woman shouldn't subsist on chocolate pudding.

Today I combined stir fry vegetables with broth, making a tasty (egg-free) soup in its own right. Then I added the instant miso soup I picked up at Trader Joe's. It was heavenly - low fat and satisfying.

Good food is good for the soul.


lapoflux said…
I hadn't been reading about your trouble swallowing - it doesn't sound like you are hainvg a whole lot of fun. Good luck finding some recipes that you can eat.
I have some allergy cookbooks (egg free etc - I nkwo that's not your problem) somewhere that I will try and unearth to see if there is anything palatable in them...
Lisa Milton said…
That would be great! I am allergic to eggs, long before the other crazy stuff started so it's another obstacle.

You're the best.
Amanda said…
Hmm, ever tried hummus? I love making it at home, sometimes using black beans instead of chick peas. You can sneak any number of things in to ti. Not sure of your allergies, but a bit of rice vinegar, cilantro or lemon/orange zest can totally brighten it up.

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