Update: upper gi endoscopy

Here's the brief rundown: I had a schatzi ring that was dilated and broken up. This sounds very icky and I have pictures, so if you are looking for scary Halloween fodder, it's all yours. (So kidding.) Doc GI also took a biopsy for possible eosinophilic esophagitis. I guess I will get the results in a few weeks. My preliminary research, laying here in my bed, tells me this might be related to food allergies, or an allergic response. The doctor said this would need to be treated with a liquid steroid I would swallow to reduce inflammation.

Other than feeling hungover today and having a sore throat, everything seems to be a little better today. It wasn't near as scary as the meds worked their magic and I could hardly remember a thing.

I count this as a good thing. I'll keep you posted on the biopsy results.


Jim said…
Happy WW! I'm glad the doctor got your straightened around. Literally, 180 degrees it seems.

Best wishes on your treatment and recovery.

Jim :-)

for WW and
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