verdict: upper endoscopy

GI doc came in yesterday and asked me about my rectal bleeding, because that's what he read in my chart. Oh really? Now I imagine that bleeding like that is unpleasant, and I don't want to make jokes about it, but it did make me laugh just a little because rest assured, this was not the reason I was there. Once we got past the mix-up, I found him to be nice enough - it's hard establishing repertoire with a new doctor. You need them, to be sure, and you have to communicate well, or you may not get what you need.

So, he explained several things that could be leading to the dysphagia:
  • stricture - scarring that narrows the esophagus, making it increasingly difficult to swallow
  • shatzki ring - benign ring of tissue in the esophagus
  • motility disorder - basically the muscles don't work right

I am going Monday morning for the endoscopy. It doesn't sound pleasant, but I will be sedated and offered narcotics, which relieves my mind. He may do a biopsy or dilate the esophagus while I out of it too. I sure hope this makes me all better.

(And that he reads the chart right this time.)


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deborah said…
more fun and testing. "testing...can you hear me now?"

Look at it this way, at least you get some sleep; that's how I'm looking at my next procedure on Monday, I'm going in for another nerve freeze. oh goody.

good luck

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