good golly gullet

So I went in to see my rheumatologist this morning for my monthly check-up. He's a cool cat, in great shape and we get along just fine. I worry he will be retiring too soon for my liking - instead he is headed to Spain for 8 months, to study ultrasound methods, in Spanish no less. He's a go-getter. I like that about him.

We go over the basics: no pregnancy on my meds, flu/cold season, and the fact that we basically have maxed out the options up to the more drastic, in-clinic IV med stuff. I know this and nod. We cover the GI doctor's newest diagnosis (yes, the biopsy was positive): eosinophilic esophagitis and the treatment. (I am have an inhaler that I don't *puff* but rather swallow, delivering the steroid to the esophagus. I am sticking closely to a soft food diet.)

I ask tons of questions. I want to know what I can do to improve my case, stay healthy. And he basically says this new condition probably is from my autoimmune disease and there's not much I can do about it. This just ticks me off. Stupid autoimmune disease.

Like I said, this is a good doctor. He encourages me to workout, lose weight, be brave and strong. But I just can't help but think I can do more.

If the freight train is coming, and I can't stop it, fine. But I plan on wriggling my way off the track - maybe it will just lob off a toe.

Clearly I am grumpy and out of sorts. I need a good night's sleep and a plan.

Man, I'm stubborn.


deborah said…
well that just sucks out loud
SusieJ said…
That does suck. I like your doctor. No sugar coating. Smart. Direct. You need that. But, you can still try to prove him wrong.
Amanda said…
Stubborn is good, very good. So are smart docs, any idea who you'll be sseing while he's gone?

Thanks for the jojoba tip, any particular type I should get?

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