THAT girl

I've been stewing all week, frustrated by this new diagnosis. I am the google queen, I want answers, I want a plan. There just isn't much out there.

The standard treatment for adults is swallowing a steroid from an asthma inhaler. I guess I can look forward to eating soft foods, more biopsies, more dilations. Children with eosinophilic esophagitis are often tube-fed, and allergy tested because eosinophils are part of the allergic response. (They are commonly found in systemic yeast infections and parasitic infections too - and if you are wondering, I was tested for both and have neither. Now, that's good news!)

So, I asked my doctor if this could be related to food allergies, considering I do have a IgE mediated allergy to eggs. Could I have more hidden allergies? Not enough to kill me, per se, but enough to wreck my esophagus? And the answer my friend, is it could be. It's hard to say.

I've been researching diets all week: macrobiotics, limiting the most common allergens recipes, etc. So very confusing, all. I'm not sure what to believe.

I've thought about it and realized I am not as vigilant as I should be. I don't bother wait staff, making sure my food is egg-free when we eat out. I know mayo find its way into many foods, and as long as I didn't have an anaphylactic reaction, I let it slide.

Not any more. I regret being such a wuss.

I didn't want to bug anyone. I hate making a fuss over food. I don't want to be that girl.

But I am that girl. What can I say? I guess this is a lesson in taking care of myself, speaking up.

I am headed to the beach for a women's retreat with some of my favorite people at the end of the month. The menu looms in my mind. I emailed the director yesterday, asked to see the menu in advance. I feel high maintenance, but I'll get over it.

I don't have a choice. It's like assertiveness training, on the fly.


deborah said…
ooh, another High Maintenance girl. That is what Frank calls me. It's not so bad. Who am I kidding, it SUCKS!

Good planning ahead though, getting the menu. great idea. Have a blast!
Debra said…
Hi, my mom was recently diagnosed with Sjogren's and we're seeing a holistic doctor to get to the bottom of her issues. I haven't read through most of your blog, but was wondering if you have considered an alternative approach?
-Best wishes.
Amanda said…
You know what, it's not high maintenance, it's informed and responsible. My family has a very high-brow approach to situations in which we are concerned about others' reactions, it goes a little something like this: F*ck 'em.

Sorry for the color.
Zenmomma said…
My husband and I own a small restaurant and we get questions like this all the time. Don't feel like you are being difficult. You have a right to know what you are ingesting! If the staff gives you a hard time, find a better restaurant! We train our staff to take care with our customers.

I hope you feel better.
Professor J said…
I am glad you decided to take better care of yourself. As ZenMomma said, waiters and cooks at restaurants are there to take care of your needs. It doesn't make you "that kind of a girl."

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