don't explain

Well, hello my neglected site. Yes, I thought of you last month, really I did, but I was busy posting on my favorite child so you sat alone and probably cried. So sorry.

I spent part of my time away pouting over this eosinophilic esophagitis gig until I got sick of myself and started reading cookbooks, making my own soups. I'll admit it here: IT'S NOT FAIR. It's a useless sentiment, but this last diagnosis made me grumpy.

I think part of my disgruntled attitude stems from the social ramifications. Let's face it: food is often the center of our gatherings, and eating can be a landmine. It has been for me. I can't remember a meal I've shared with my extended family where my Grandma wasn't making comments, pushing food, questioning what I eat.

I grow weary.

So, between you and me, I'm eating what works. It's different everyday. I still feel like I need to justify my choices, but I am working on it.


sognatrice said…
Blech. Sounds like you're dealing with this in the best way possible, but

Thinking of you.
klbrowser said…
Adjusting to a new GI diagnosis is always a pain. Especially this time of year, when you're surrounded with foods you can no longer eat. Hope you develop a repertoire of meals that work for you soon.

And I don't know if you'll see this, but I'm tagging you for the seven random facts meme. Might be good for some temporary distraction. I found it an amusing diversion at least.

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