clusters ceased

The headaches have passed. I can't capture how much easier my life is in their absence. I would sing you a ditty, if I could sing.

Life always looks sweeter on this side.

My hands continue to be cold, every time I sit down with my computer.

Maybe I need one of those walking work stations...


deborah said…
my daughter bought me some of those little "hand-warmer" packets from LL Bean for Christmas. They also sell similar brands at Home Depot right at the register. I've been known to keep them right in my purse; for just such an emergency.

I also toss my handy corn-bag in the micro for 3min. to keep my mouse hand warm.
I also leave gloves on the radiator and wear them when my hands get cold. I found you through Mrs. G, I'm sure, as you replied to one of my posts. But one of the things that I haven't mentioned yet on the blog is that my body hosts two inter-related autoimmune diseases (graves AND Hashimotos, both hyper and hypo!) and in 2003 I had a related endocrine cancer (gone, with a .00000000000000000000000000000009 chance of recurrence.

But. Life with pain. I know this. And it is especially hard with children - hard to focus on them, hard to care, hard to not just be wrapped up, alone.
DermDoc said…
Perhaps it is the repetitive activity of typing. I do hope you find a workable solution; the only thing worse than living with a chronic disease, is not being able to live with a chronic disease. All the best.
klbrowser said…
Do you wear gloves when you type? I find it helps a bit. I bought the ones I am wearing on this site:

I also bought my chenille leg warmers there. Between the Raynaud's and the neuropathy, I need to keep everything from the knees down and the elbows down as warm as reasonably possible.

I guess the best thing about headaches is how great you feel when they stop, eh? I get that "ice pick in the eye socket" headache that I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Stay warm if you can!

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