lessons from a 2 year-old

I'm a slow learner, always adjusting. I injured my neck a couple of weeks ago, and whined about it on my other blog. I was discouraged when the urgent care doctor acted like I was out of line, lifting weights with an underlying condition.

It bummed me out.

So, I've been babying my neck, getting better. I did only 10 minutes of yoga today, but that's 10 more than I've been able to do all year. (Yes, it is January. Sounds more dramatic that way.)

I've been thinking about a 2 year-old I know of, with JRA, going through IV steroids this week to reduce the inflammation in her eyes. Poor thing gained 2 pounds this month, from the meds and her cheeks are puffy. She hates being at the hospital. She has mood swings.

And I sound just like her at times, unable to cope. Whiny and miserable.

I figure if she can manage it, well, by golly, so can I. She's my hero.


You go, girl. Just for solidarity's sake: my autoimmune disease made my eyes stopped shutting at night. The cornea will dry out, causing blindness. Thus, I TAPED my eyes shut at night for one year. The things the body demands.

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