have drugs, will travel

We came packing.

I carried an arsenal of meds to Disneyland last week, prepared for just about anything. Would I get a cluster headache flying? Would I be in pain, after racing through the park with my family? Well, if push came to shove, I was ready, drugs at hand.

The best part: I hardly needed a thing.

Yes, I've been gone for a month, under siege it seems. I had the dreaded flu - and before you whisper 'shot', remember that I'm allergic to eggs so it's a no go. The kids had head lice. We had two birthdays, one Easter, spring break and a trip to California. Man oh man I've been tired.

But as we flew home last week, I was grateful I was able to keep up with my family. In the weeks following the flu, I had the start of what seemed like another episode polymyositis. I kept an optimistic outlook, but packed plenty of Prednisone because it had me worried.

Besides being tired - which I imagine everyone experiences at Disneyland - and a neuropathy flare-up in my legs, I kept up, rode everything and had a blast.

It was just what the doctor ordered.
New Orleans Square, Disneyland


Pen Drive said…
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Greg Katz said…
Congrats on not only surviving but thriving on your trip. I know the anticipation of a trip can sometimes be worse than anything that will happen while I'm away.

You prepared well, you were conscious throughout and you had a go gett'um attitude, that tells the body alot. I think the body responds when we take the lead. We have to remember that we have it, it doesn't have us!
That's great! Whay a lovely family. Pick the pirate up at Disneyland? yar yar yarrr :-)
deborah said…
What a beautiful pic. Travelling and me never get along either. I'm sure this trip was something your kids will be able to hold onto for the rest of their lives, though.

I hpe you've blown that pic up and hung it in your entryway. It's gorgeous!!

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