little inspiration

“I want others with a chronic illness to go find their own mountains.”

Wendy Booker

I caught another cold. Again. Nasty stuff and right after I started working out again, with a vengeance. Thankfully, I am starting to feel better and should be back in the studio - dancing and lifting weights - again by Wednesday.

(I would go tomorrow, but I've got an appointment with my interim rheumatologist. Nothing says Monday morning like a blood workup.)

I caught a segment about Wendy Booker on CBS Sunday Morning, just today. Wendy was diagnosed with MS in 1998, after long term numbness in her legs. Though she found the news devastating, and against her doctor's wishes, she began training for and completing marathons. Now she is climbing mountains - literally - and challenging the notion that life is over when chronic illness takes center stage.

{CBS doesn't have her interview up on their website yet; it's worth checking out, once it's up.}

Watching her train was a shot in the arm. And it was just what I needed.


Wow -- that's inspiring! I'm going to check and see if the interview is available.

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