When it rains, it pours.

Or so they say.

(I've never understood that saying. We take our rain in spits and drizzles here.)

I've had a resurgence of symptoms lately, running the gamut: increased painful neuralgia in my hands and especially, my feet; muscle aches and weakness in my quads; exhaustion; dysphagia.

I'm finding myself more discouraged than I have been in the past. I don't think the pain is worse; I think I am overwhelmed.

Summer is coming and with it, the kids and I will be trying to get the place ready to sell so we can move while Greg continues to work out of town a couple of days a week. It makes me yawn, just thinking about it.

But I'll place a call to my doctor's assistant and see what kind of cocktail we can fix up for me.

(And I'm wondering: Am I frustrated or depressed a bit? It's hard to tell.)


lapoflux said…
Possibly just overwhelmed? All you have ahead of you this summer is a little overwhelming. Especially if you are not feeling well (one of those vicious circle things...)
Wish I could help you paint (I can't caulk, sorry...)
Greg Katz said…
I think you're doing an amazing job. You're keeping all the plates balancing in the air and like the everready bunny you keep going. Pain is a difficult thing to tackle and as you're finding out it can baffle the doctors as much as it baffles us.

First let me say that there is a difference between being depressed and having depression. You may be depressed, but who wouldn't be given the responsibility you have for your health and the welfare of your family.

Those of us who have health issues understand the hamster wheel and if our illness is chronic we may never get off, but we can alter the circumstances with our own attitudes. Release the negative energy in the body through art has been very healing for me. It doesn't matter if you're an "artist" or not, the act of creation is amazing. Find a way to express it and release it.

I found a conference that started today on Women and Pain. Google it and get connected to other women facing pain issues. We all need a tribe.

Hope the doctor has an answer and a way to help!

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