pretty pathetic

Does that last post say MAY 26TH. I knew it was bad, but not that bad. Yikes.

Well, I didn't fall off the planet, thankfully, but I had been swarmed with first the end of school crazy in June followed by the manic activity of staging our house that we recently put on the market while the kids are out of school.

Bad news: Complete and utter blog neglect. (Even felt unloved.)

Good news: I was able to do a lot of the painting - count them, 5 rooms on one weekend - and although I was of course sore, it was very manageable with a little extra Neurontin.

So, I am back to keeping this site current again, as best I can, while summer roars around me.


Julia said…
Hi Lisa - good to see you posting again! Although it sounds as though you have been very busy, and I hope - feeling well.

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