not perfect

I caught a summer cold, compliments of my kids.

They are thoughtful like that.

I managed to hit Jazzercise Saturday morning, but my throat was miserable.

Sunday, I was dragging and my perfect staging abilities - our house is on the market - was hampered. I let the house relax a bit while I sunk into the couch.

Of course, my slacker tendencies meant I left for a movie with the house less than perfect AND someone wanted to see it.

Doh. I hate that.

But like always, I am doing the best I can on any given day. And sometimes that's not saying a whole lot.


Amanda said…
Keep on keepin' on. Was the movie good?
Thinking of you. Cliche, but hang in there.
Health Advocate said…
When you have a body then it is good to have a cold or two...makes you aware that you have to take care of it.
body should go through various infections to grow the right immunity levels,and it is healthy to be unhealthy sometimes.

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