Hips don't lie

Oh, so you thought I'd write this post last Friday?

Me too.

But Friday ended up being my freak out day of doing mindless activities - namely searching for miniature bundt pans - after finding a lump in my left breast.

I saw the doctor last Tuesday and scheduled my first mammogram and I felt relatively calm about it.

Then it sank in, and all I could think about was how I took Imuran for a year.

So sitting down and writing because crazy-making behavior. I swore off google searching the hours away reading about breast cancer, and filled my weekend with so much activity, I never had time to seriously worry.

Good thing too, because it was nothing. I came away with a base mammogram/ultrasound but not a worry in the world.

Except for my hips.

The weather has changed and I have become a Granny action doll, complete with bum hip. (Sore shoulders sold separately.)

I've given Jazzercise a rest and have gone back to some gentle yoga in the mornings.

This new pain - that wakes me up at night - gives me new insight and sympathy for the elderly and their talk at nauseum about their joints.

Because when your hips hurt, it's hard to ignore.


klbrowser said…
Glad the screening was negative. I did the biopsy thing last year, but to be honest, my family members were all a lot more freaked out than I was. I read the stats on breast cancer and realized it was highly unlikely I had a tumor, so I decided to wait and see before getting too concerned.

Unfortunately, I feel your pain regarding cranky hips. Mine have been killing me for about two years now. It has gotten worse along with some nasty low back pain despite faithful stretching and gentle exercise, so I'm thinking maybe I should tell the rheumy next time I see her.

Hope your hip pain become a distant memory quickly.
Vicky said…
Glad you got a final thumbs up on your tests!
Maureen Hayes said…

Firstly, very glad your mammo and ultrasound were negative. Sorry about the hips, I can relate. My arthritis is so bad I should be 80 instead in 41, and the weather is making things worse for sure. The good news is, it won't kill us, just make sleep and movement painful!!

I am awaiting biopsy results (thyroid) myself and have kept myself from googling worst case scenarios too. I can't worry about stuff till it happens!

Thanks for an honest post, and so relate-able!
deborah said…

I am sending you a Lemonade Stand Award! You deserve it, girlfriend. May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (Come on over and pick it up) the award that is
Plus, too many old people die from broken hips. Glad the lump was nothin'
Health Advocate said…
you are a brave one going through so much...keep up the good act.And keep writing your experiences for all of us here...
Yes the family members go through hell when another is suffering in the family.This was good information.
Buy Propecia said…
Great to hear that the reports were negative...the procedure of going through the tests and mentally preparing to get to face any report is awful and I hope your mind is at peace now.
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