walk in the park

Winter has been tough on my joints; my knees ache nearly every time I go outside. I can see a cycle building: aching and stiffness leading to less activity and less flexibility, strength.

This is not uncommon, I realize, just disheartening.

Not long ago, I was mighty strong, bendy even.

So, tonight I was at the park with Zack and two of his buddies and it was just cold enough for me to forgo reading a book on a bench. I decided I'd walk around the playground when the arch climber caught my eye...

{You know, the thing that looks like a big ol' rainbow?}

I started climbing until I was on top, looking down at the baffled boys, racing to join me.

I piled over and under it; I tried the monkey bars, swung around.

I felt like the self I left behind when I started seeing the rheumatologist. It was exhilarating.
When our friends went home, Zack turned to Lexi, with the broadest, proudest grin.
You won't believe what Mom was doing tonight...
It brings me hope that I don't have to settle; I have choices.


lapoflux said…
I am glad you had a good climb!
stu said…
Very cool Lisa. Zack will always remember the time Mom swung from the monkey bars.

Glad you got out and had some fun.

Anonymous said…
I love your blog, check it every day. The cold weather gets me too! I've also got Sjogren's, Raynaud's..You help keep my spirits up! Thank you.
Love this post! Mine are endocrine issues -- two autoimmunes (graves and hashimotos --yes, you can have antibodies for both hypo & Hyper thyroidism) and a nasty endocrine cancer (2003). Just today, driving, I was overcome with gratitude -- I'm here! I'm acutally healthy!! Well. . . living with those autoimmunities, but living well.

Good for you!
COOL!! Always try, even if ya fail--what the heck--our bodies have a mind of their own. LOL
Sjogirl--I just got it! I have MS, shrinking brain and all---a little slow. I highlighted your blog on my blog today---your blog name is awesome. (I DID get that right off-woohoo)
Amanda said…
Oh you! What a choice, what a spirit. I think you are amazin!
Julia said…
I love your blog, thanks for sharing your journey. I also have Sjogren's and also blog about it - you might want to check it out. The address is:

Hang in there, girl! We Sjogie's have to stick together.
Greg Katz said…
What a great life affirming experience. It sounds like you are very in tune with your body. This is great because you're aware of what's possible at any given time.

Keep up the adventures!

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